Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner – A Long Term Investment

Do you have a heavy and bulky vacuum cleaner? Are you tired of carrying the vacuum up and down stairs? Then you should invest in a lightweight vacuum cleaner that can still provide the same results. A lightweight vacuum cleaner is also ideal for individuals with physical limitations. In this article, we will talk about this kind of vacuum and why you should opt for this.

Nowadays, most vacuum cleaners are powerful and have an attractive design. These cleaning equipment are becoming a necessity in every home. One of the popular brands on the market is the Dyson. This brand manufactures well-engineered vacuums that are perfect for you needs. These vacuum cleaners equip a very powerful motor that is perfect for all types of surfaces.

For 8 years, I have used 5 different types of vacuum cleaners. I bought my vacuums from local stores, and most are cheap models. But after some time, they deteriorate. The products that I am investing in are low quality and poorly built.

I have back problems (the result of engaging to dangerous sports), and now I am making noises in my throat when I bend over to move my vacuum. Then I had to browse around on Amazon, and I noticed that there are lightweight vacuum cleaners that only weigh 3 to 10 kilograms. There are cordless vacuums that I can take outside to clean the porch. I would also prefer to use upright vacuum cleaners because it stands upright and you do not have to bend over.

Dyson has numerous upright and lightweight vacuums that you can choose from. Without compromising the suction and features, I now have an upright and lightweight machine ready to use once a week. My vacuum cleaner is Dyson DC24, and it is very light! I got this vacuum from a certain review site. You can also move this around walls and corners of your furniture. This is because it equips the Dyson Ball Technology that sits in the middle of the vacuum. This allows you to move it in any direction you like.

One drawback about Dyson vacuum cleaners is that they are a bit expensive. This is mainly because they are high quality and provide numerous features that other models do not have. But when you invest for one, you will eventually realize that it is worth your money.

On the other hand, if you have a limited budget, there are also other alternatives to Dyson. You can try the Panasonic brand. They also have an array of upright and lightweight vacuum cleaners, and they look very nice. I have to admit, both brands offer the same features like the HEPA filter that traps dirt and dust on the air. This is why both these brands are perfect for people who suffer from asthma or allergy.